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Frontend Designer

Careers Frontend Designer

As a frontend designer at ASB, you’ll have the opportunity to beautifully design impactful web applications for our customers

What you’ll do

You’ll work closely with the UI/UX team to design customer centric web interfaces, providing an implementation perspective throughout the process.

You’ll take these designed experiences and convert them into mobile, tablet and desktop responsive HTML, CSS files

You’ll hand off to these implemented designs to a frontend engineer, who would proceed to make them functional

What’s required

You have a sense of responsibility to our customers. You hold yourself accountable to delivering quality work on time. You don’t need to be micromanaged.

You care about how things look. You collaborate actively in the design process and you ensure that your implementations mirror or improve the designs as much as possible.

You’ve designed several web applications in the past, whether these are personal projects or past professional work.

You write code that is clean, well-architected, maintainable and scaleable.

To apply, please send us an email. Your subject line should have the job title in it. Can't wait to see your amazing!